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Michael Yardney's Thriving Not Just Surviving in Changing Times

Unfortunately this book is out of print, but if you are interested in wealth creation through property investment Michael Yardney's other books are still available, such as Michael Yardney's The Rules of Property.



Buy Michael Yardney’s latest book now and learn how to thrive, not just survive, in these changing times.

This is not just another book on personal finance. This book is a timely powerful plan to finish rich in the new financial era.

“Just like you need a road map in unexplored territory…you need to know the new rules of money if you want to thrive, not just survive in the new financial era.”

Brian Tracy (best selling author of 45 books and the world’s foremost authority on developing peak performance and individual achievement.)

Buy Michael Yardney's books


Hear what Brian Tracy, has to say about Michael Yardney’s new book.

Fortunes will be made in these turbulent economic times and the divide between the rich and the average Australian is only going to widen. Yet Australia is the land of opportunity and becoming wealthy doesn’t have to be a dream.

In his new book Thriving, not just Surviving, in Changing Times best selling author Michael Yardney will help you achieve your financial goals years faster as he shares a road map of proven principles and updated strategies for the new financial era.

The core of Michael Yardney’s method is a step-by step process that will help readers identify, master and implement the key wealth strategies they need to build real wealth including:

Why most Australian’s never get out of the “rat race” despite earning a good living

What they don’t teach you at school about becoming wealthy – but you wish they had

What your financial planner won’t show you about becoming wealthy – and why not

The 7 Golden Rules of Money you must know to make - and keep - great wealth in the new financial era

The 20 common wealth myths that keep people poor

The 8 costly financial mistakes most Australians make and how you can correct them before it’s too late

Why "Earned Income" is one of the worst predictors of financial success

The Asset Protection Barriers you must erect to protect your financial future!

What the wealthy know about tax strategy but aren't telling

How to build your wealth systems so that you have both the money and the lifestyle

What to do when you've reached your financial goals

Available at all good bookstores or buy it online NOW!
Buy Michael Yardney's books


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