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"Thriving, not just Surviving in Changing Times" by Michael Yardney

Who is Michael Yardney?

PART ONE – The rich get richer
Chapter 1: The Rich get Richer in difficult times
Chapter 2: Why most Australians will never become wealthy
Chapter 3: The old rules of money
Chapter 4: Baby Boomers get one more chance

PART TWO – Invest your way to wealth
Chapter 5: The Four levels of Investing
Chapter 6: Why most people don’t invest
Chapter 7: The Big Secrets of the Rich
Chapter 8: The Golden Rules of Money in the new Financial Era
Chapter 9: Eight costly financial mistakes that you can correct before it’s too late
Chapter 10: Twenty wealth myths that hold you back
Chapter 11: The way to wealth – your plan to make millions
Chapter 12: Your road to riches – the steps to make you millions

PART THREE – Investment principles
Chapter 13: Wealth building investment concepts
Chapter 14: Market cycles
Chapter 15: Harnessing your home equity
Chapter 16: Your cash machine
Chapter 17: The myth of risk

Chapter 18: Why property can make you millions
Chapter 19: The best buys in property
Chapter 20: The (Until Now) Unwritten Rules for Selecting Properties
Chapter 21: Systematic success
Chapter 22: Tax strategies of the wealthy
Chapter 23: Structures for success
Chapter 24: Making property pay your way

PART FOUR – It’s your mind that matters
Chapter 25: Developing the millionaire mindset
Chapter 26: How the Rich think differently
Chapter 27: Models, Mentors and Masterminds

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